NICE LMS Co., Ltd. is a global leader in non ferrous metal, specializing in manufacturing and supplying high-strength, eco-friendly aluminum alloy products.



AS 9100
Aerospace quality
management system
IATF 16949
Automotive quality
management system
ISO 9001
Quality management
ISO 14001
Environmental management


registration patented content NO
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2009 Aluminum alloys with improved impact energy and extruded products made therefrom Patent No. 10-0909699
2013 Integrated roof rack for car and manufacturing method thereof Patent No. 10-1284765
2014 Towing integral aluminum bumper assembly Patent No. 10-1363909
2014 Roof rack for car Registration of similar design No. 30-0750680
2015 Manufacturing device & method of auxiliary material for vehicle Application No. 10-2015-0080116