The NICE Group is determined to build a global network of financial infrastructure based on endless innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To fulfill its CSR, NICE organized a volunteer group, "NICE Love-sharing"in 2009 and has practiced wide-ranging volunteer activities to contribute to making a more heart-wanming society.

We are fully aware that small efforts add up to make a big difference in the society.

NICE Group firmly believes that social activities are of the most important values that drive centuries-long prosperity.


NICE proclaimed its transformation into a business group (NICE GROUP) in 2007 and announced its vision to become "the No.1 Financial infrastructure Group in Asia" in 2008. Ever since, it has pursued not only expanding businesses, but also growing into a socially responsible company that makes a difference in the society.

In 2009, NICE people organized a volunteer group, "NICE Love-sharing,"so that they can execute voluntary and donation activities more systematically. so far, about 500 NICE people have joined.

On top of the Group-wise volunteer activity, each affiliate operates the "one company, one social activity"program. Tapping into their unique strenghs, they are partivipating in different social activities, including food housing service for welfare centers, hildcare service and coin donation to World Vision. Each year-end, all the members of NICE GROUP participate in certain social activities as an annual event.

NtlCE GROUPalso contributes to invigorating rural economies. By setting up sisterhood relationships with Chungdo-gun (in Gyeongsangbuk-do province) and Sangdong Nonghyup (an agricultural cooperative), we purchase their produces directly and open a sales venue for them in our H.Q. This effort workers and residents in Yoido to buy domestically-grown produces at lower prices and the farmers to have opportunities to promote their producese and secure a new sales channel.

NICE believes that social activities are one of the key values that drive centuries-long prosperity. Along with business growth, we will never be lazy about our social responsibilities so that we can realize the ideal of striking a good balance between internal and external growth./p>