NICE LMS Co., Ltd. is a global leader in non ferrous metal, specializing in manufacturing and supplying high-strength, eco-friendly aluminum alloy products.

CEO Message

We will open the futureas a global leader in non-ferrous metals
through the continuous development of eco-friendly lightweight alloy materials.

Korea's largest supplier of
high-strength alloy materials / Developed eco-friendly Al-Mg alloy material

Since 1976, Light Metal Solution Co., Ltd has focused only on aluminium materials.

We are developing aluminum based high-strength eco-friendly alloy in many fields, from automotive lightweighting, mobile phone materials, defense parts to electric vehicle parts.

We also share our vision with our employees and work with them to develop products that will drive the future. We are striving to provide fair opportunities to all employees and to grow together by developing their potential.

NICE LMS Co., Ltd. is focusing on the idea of eco-friendly high-strength aluminum alloy. We will be reborn as a global company specialized in eco-friendly aluminum alloy material and think about the environment and the future together.

NICE Light Metal Solution Co., Ltd CEO. Yongchan Park