NICE LMS Co., Ltd. is a global leader in non ferrous metal, specializing in manufacturing and supplying high-strength, eco-friendly aluminum alloy products.


Eco-Mg Alloy and Eco-Al Alloy are innovations
that have won the Korea's Top 10 Best New
Technology Gold Award (Prime Minister's Prize)
in the 2010, and are the latest technologies applied
to advanced industries such as automobiles,
mobile phones, aerospace etc.
Light Metal Solution Co., Ltd. has been transferring the patented technology
that has been patented or pending all over the world from KITECH,
and mass production of Eco-Mg alloy and
Mg-parent alloy for Eco-Al alloy.

ECO-Mg alloy is an eco-friendly material that enhances oxidation stability
by adding calcium oxide or calcium compound to general-purpose
Mg alloy and forming dense and stable protective film
on the surface of molten metal when dissolved.

Furthermore it is a lightweight new material that dramatically
improves the strength and elongation of general-purpose
Mg alloys by forming an Al2Ca intermetallic compound in the
Mg Transgranular and Intergranular.