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Defense Industry Parts

Parts photo explanation Remark
K-11 multiple rifle
  • Spotting Scope consists of one module
  • Combined with laser distance meters, grenade launcher etc(S&T Motiv)
  • 7000 + Sc alloy
155㎜ cannon shell
  • cannon shell mounted K9 Thunder(Hanil Forging)
  • 2000 alloy
105㎜ high explosive anti tank
  • Designed to destroy tanks using 105mm anti-tank guns
  • Practice bullets designed for high explosives, shooting and weapons testing (Tong Yang Junggong)
  • 2000 & 7000 alloy
  • 3rd generation anti tank missile(LIG NEX1)
  • 7000 alloy
  • Seamless Pipe
Spotting Scope
  • Developing Mg Spotting Scope
  • Mg alloy (AZ alloy)
40MM high bomb
  • Shell catridge for 40MM high bomb
  • 6000 alloy